TQSR Group

Who we are

The TQSR Group is an Austrian family-owned group of companies with a focus on the restaurant business.

With around 1000 employees, the group is one of the largest restaurant companies in Austria. As the master franchisee of the American burger maker BURGER KING® and owner of Rosenberger Restaurant GmbH, the company manages two of the best-known food service brands in Austria.

The group parent company THEOPHIL Holding GmbH was founded in 2007 and, as an operative holding company, manages all investments of the Group, among other things, in addition to restaurants, primarily real estate.

Our vision

“We want to give our guests an experience that always exceeds their expectations.”

Our mission

“As an innovation pioneer, we want to inspire our guests with attractive brands, products and modern restaurants.”

Our philosophy

The corporate philosophy subsumes the norms and values that are lived in our organisation. They apply both within our group of companies and with a view to our environment.


  • Teamspirit
    As team players, we always pursue our goals together.

  • Positiv thinking
    We always face even challenging times with a positive mindset, driven by intrinsic motivation.

  • Strive for development
    Striving for continuous improvement is what make us special.


  • Long-term orientation
    We have long-term value creation in mind.

  • Profitable Business
    Sustainable, economic success is the focus of our efforts.

  • Action free of ideology
    We make decisions impartially and on the basis of rational criteria.

Corporate philosophy

The mission statement contains conduct guidelines for our employees and managers, which should reflect the self-image of our group of companies.


  • Respect and appreciation
    We treat others with appreciation and respect and create a culture on which everyone can develop equally – regardless of gender or origin.

  • Dealing with mistakes
    We encourage courageous decision-making by addressing mistakes openly and honestly and seeing them as opportunities rather than failures.

  • Exemplary function
    By following our conduct and compliance guidelines and adhering to ethical principles, we are always a role model to ourselves and our colleagues.


  • Personal responsibility
    As the personal representatives of our family-owned corporate group, we are aware of our responsibility and see it as our duty to always uphold the reputation of the company.

  • Integrity
    The responsible handling of internal company information obliges us to maintain absolute confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties.

  • Use of resources
    In order to contribute to the reduction of the footprint, we always deal carefully with all resources used in our corporate group.